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About Bryan D. Penney, Attorney at Law
Born: February 7, 1973 in Superior, Wisconsin.

I practice personal injury, workers compensation, guardianship, and some business law in Minnesota and Wisconsin. My life experiences have given me a broad base to draw from in crafting unique and creative solutions for my clients. The practice of law is more than just an occupation to me ā€“ use of the law is a means that allows me to help others, often during their time of greatest need. An area where I take particular pride is in the personal service and attention to detail I give to all of my clients. Clients come to me because they have problems. They keep coming back because I solve them.

Undergraduate Education:

UW Stout and UW Eau Claire ā€“ graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and worked as an accountant for 8 years.

Legal Education: Graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in 2009.

Law Licenses:

Admitted to the Minnesota Bar in October 2009, Admitted to the Wisconsin Bar in June 2010, Admitted to the Minnesota Federal Bar in June 2010.

Personal Philosophy:

I have always been an advocate for others, and when I encounter a person in need, my first instinct is to help them. I have been fortunate to achieve a decree and license to practice law, and that privilege will be used to help others overcome problems and recover from the misfortunes that harm them. People matter to me, and clients are more than merely numbers or files to be worked.

Legal Philosophy:

The law exists to help create a fair and reasonable means to solve problems. Knowledge of the law, however, is usually not enough to bridge the gap between two parties in a dispute. Taking the time to listen carefully to both sides and understanding the personalities and interests involved allows me to create solutions and common ground. Knowledge and use of the law combined with understanding common goals can usually resolve the most difficult disputes. Of course, when necessary, Iā€™m more than happy to roll up my sleeves and bring a case to trial. Sometimes it is the only way to ensure the truth is told.

On Automobile Collisions:

My father, David Penney, owns and still runs Twin Ports Auto Parts in Superior, Wisconsin. I got to see thousands of wrecked automobiles passed through Twin Ports while growing up. Because of this, I was around the after-effects of car crashes on a daily basis. In addition, I was in a head-on collision with a drunk driver in 1995. This collision affected me for months and changed my life. These experiences combine to give me unique insight into the nature and effects of automobile collisions.

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