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Personal Injury       Insurance Litiagtion       General Issue Resolution       Slip and Fall Injuries     Criminal Defense

Automobile Collisions   Estate Planning   Guardianship and Conservatorship    Elder Law:  Long Term Care Planning

Personal Injury Law:
When you have suffered a serious injury, you are focused on one thing — your recovery.  I am your advocate.  My mission is helping injured people through difficult times, by getting them medical care and compensation they need to rebuild their lives.  I take a hands on approach to every case — frequently traveling to accident scenes and directing investigation efforts. I am personally committed to providing each client with caring and sympathetic support during the legal process, while striving to obtain the best possible result for my clients in the legal arena. 

The practice of personal injury law includes:

Automobile accidents, Semi truck accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Wrongful death, Industrial and construction accidents, Drunk driver accidents, Traumatic brain injuries, Spinal cord injuries, Slip and fall accidents, Boating, ATV and snowmobile accidents, Recreational vehicle accidents, and other acts of negligence.

I take all personal injury cases on a contingency basis. You will owe an attorney's fee only if we obtain compensation for you.

Insurance Litigation Law:
Insurance companies may not always have your best interests in mind, nor is receiving fair payment for a claim automatic. Arriving at the stage where an insurance company agrees to make good on a claim, or pay you what it is worth, can be a difficult process requiring review of the facts of the situation, the policy contract, case law of the State, and use of powerful negotiation or litigation tactics. I have achieved a successful resolution of numerous insurance issues that vary from receiving coverage and compensation for injuries suffered to recovering property damage to homes and vehicles.

Criminal Defense:
If you or someone you know has been, or may be, investigated for or charged with a crime, I encourage you to call my office for immediate consultation. Early intervention can be critical to our mutual success in your criminal defense case. 

Comprehensive Defense Services for Each and Every Client:
I am a dedicated criminal defense attorneys who is steadfast in defending my clients against misdemeanor and felony criminal charges. With a combination of practical experience and superb client service, I focus on getting the best results possible for every client.

My criminal defense practice includes aggressive defense against all types of misdemeanor and felony criminal charges. I represent individuals experiencing their first or second encounter with law enforcement after a DUI/DWI arrest.  I also handle criminal charges involving property crimes, assault, and traffic offenses.

I use all our resources to explore your available options and prepare the strongest defense possible. I strive to keep you informed and in control of your case.

Estate Planning:
​Many mistakenly think that estate planning is only for the wealthy. However, many families can benefit from setting up a trust and everyone needs to have a will and other estate planning documents in place to ensure their legacy is protected. Without documents in place explaining where you want your money to go, there are certain default rules under Federal and Minnesota and Wisconsin law about where assets go. Also, without estate planning documents, a Minnesota or Wisconsin estate must go through probate, unless it is an estate of less than $50,000.00.

I am licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin to assist you in all your Estate Planning needs.

An estate plan starts with a Will. A Will is simply an expression of where someone wants their assets to go upon death. However, simply having a Will does not necessarily help to escape probate. However, a Will does help the court know what beneficiaries the deceased intended to send assets. Without a Will, Minnesota law decides how the estate will be distributed. Under Minnesota law, the estate passes to your spouse. And if there are no relatives to locate or nothing named in a will, assets are deposited with the country treasurer.  I can help you plan for the future.  

 •Drafting and personalizing Wills and Trusts
 •Preparing Probate Documents
 •Creating documents for Long Term Health Care
 •Drafting Durable Power of Attorney's
 •Preparing Health Care Directives

Guardinship and Conservatorship
Guardianship and conservatorship typically result from court proceedings in which the court appoints someone (a “guardian” or “conservator”) to manage another person’s financial affairs or personal care decisions. Generally those proceedings are permitted only when a person becomes so incapacitated or impaired that he or she is unable to make financial or personal decisions, and has no other viable option for delegating these duties to another (e.g., through a durable power of attorney, or living trust or some other means). Using these standards, for instance, guardianships or conservatorships might be established for people who are in a coma, suffering from advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease, or have other serious injuries or illnesses.

Under Minnesota law, guardianships and conservatorships are used to appoint a person when an individual is unable to make personal decisions or is unable to meet his or her financial needs, even with appropriate technological assistance. The court orders the appointment of a person (a conservator or guardian) to act as a decision maker for another person (the protected person or ward). A court must base this decision on clear and convincing evidence that the protected person or ward has been found to be unable to make necessary decisions on his or her own 
behalf and the court makes a Conservatorship/Guardianship finding of incapacity or impairment. Once a court makes a finding of incapacity or impairment, the person no longer has the right to manage his or her affairs until proven capable.

Elder Law:  Long Term Care Planning
Elder Law is an interdisciplinary, constantly evolving and complex area of law involving federal and state laws impacting the lives of older people. Long-term care planning is the process of planning for present and future health care needs, either home services, assisted living services or skilled nursing services.  I understand the complex and financial and social decisions faced by clients and make specific planning recommendations on a case-by-case basis. There is no one-size fits all approach to long-term care planning.

You can depend on me to do everything we can to succeed for you.

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